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LOLCAT — Teh Exhibishun

Created for an exhibition titled: “LOLCAT – TEH EXHIBISHUN”, a group of creatives from various fields were invited to create their own interpretation on the LOLCAT genre. My piece is a nod to cats and their inherent ability, should they so choose, to make anyone they encounter feel somewhat insignificant.

The exhibition was a huge success receiving recognition and praise from important associations and publications such as Wired, The Independent, Fox News, Creative Review and many more along with a mini-documentary filmed by and for the BBC.

Screen printed A3 on Kingfisher blue stock with a limited edition run of 30. With my framed piece selling on the opening night and with further editions selling out, my artwork was chosen to be sold via the online shop. For this I changed the background colour to differentiate it from the originals.

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Things — Ho Ho Ho


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Things/Design — Graphics Worm

My section of Graphics Worm. A collaborative project via twitter.
The idea: a collection of designers, artists, photographers and such create a single, continuous artwork by each adding their own section.

See the Graphics Worm progress

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Design — Liverpool Lacrosse (update)

The completed design for Liverpool Lacrosse.

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Things/Design — Tie

One Plain One Fancy is a project by design agency Mat Dolphin.
The rules are simple: Interpret the phrase “One plain, one fancy”

This is my second entry.
Plain — Tie
Fancy — Tie & pin

One Plain One Fancy website

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Design — Card

A fathers day card made for the old man who’s a big lover of Pink Floyd. In particular their song ‘Grantchester Meadows’.
I took the lyrics and picked out certain letters to read:
“To Dad, lots of love on fathers day, from me”

‘Me’ because he only has one son and I couldn’t spell ‘Jordan’

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Design — Liverpool Lacrosse

I’m currently designing a logo for Liverpool Lacrosse.

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