Things/Design — Moveable Type

Vehicle livery — Take a look around next time you’re on a motorway. There are some lovely (and some not so lovely) examples of Typography and Design knocking about on the roads these days. Blink and you’ll miss them though, so keep ’em peeled.

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Things/Design — Crusts?

One Plain One Fancy is a project by design agency Mat Dolphin.
The rules are simple: Interpret the phrase “One plain, one fancy”

Above is my submission:
Plain — Bread. Butter. Filling. Bread. Done
Fancy — My Grandma would always take the utmost care when making a sandwich. She would cut the crusts off to make a square then commence in cutting them into nice, neat little triangles. Possibly the fanciest sandwich ever in my opinon.

One Plain One Fancy website

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Things — Seasons Greetings 2011

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Things — Drive (2011 film)

If you see any film this month/year, make sure it’s Drive.
A simply fantastic piece of cinema that will no doubt become a classic.

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Design — Degree Show poster (2009 branding)

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Design — The Whitby Conference (branding)

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Design — Becks Fusions (branding/poster)

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